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[sells soul to satan for canonically bisexual connor walsh]

brobobeartic asked: OMG, Becky. Why do you have such a hardon for this rimming scene??


I was just actually talking about this with a friend last night, who wondered why I was so geeked about the rimming scene in How To Get Away With Murder.

First off yes, it is hot.  The passion is palpable, both of the actors go for it, it’s completely believable, good job actors.

But my hardon for the scene is more metaphorical than literal.  The thing I love about the scene is how completely revolutionary it is.  Shonda Rimes and her team have been pushing a lot of sexual boundaries lately.  Actually, they have been from jump.

On Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina and Meredith have a lot of sex, and the enjoy it.  They embrace their sexuality without being ashamed of it and without being shamed for it.  In fact, the one time McDreamy tried to shame Meredith for having sex with a lot of different guys, she stood up to him and gave him the “You don’t get to call me a whore” speech.

On Scandal, the President is regularly depicted going down on Olivia Pope.  I can name at least four different scenes off the top of my head in which he goes down on her and she enjoys it without shame.  It’s not fetishizing and it’s not overt.  It’s simply portrayed for what it is:  a display of sexuality in which a woman receives pleasure.  There are no star, bells, or whistles around it.  There’s nothing that says, “LOOK WHAT WE’RE DOING WE ARE BEING EDGY WE’RE PUSHING THE LINE.”  Instead, it’s just accepted as fact.  Fitz enjoys performing cunnilingus, and Olivia enjoys receiving it.  By not making it an issue, it’s not an issue.  It just is what it is.

And then here comes How To Get Away With Murder.  There’s a scene where Viola Davis, fully dressed, is being orally serviced by her boyfriend, who’s completely nude.  And the only thing that’s made a big deal about the scene is that her student walked in on an intimate moment.  That’s it.

BUT THEN:  there is a scene where a man rims another man.  And it’s not a big deal. It’s not a huge moment.  It’s not a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.  It simply is a moment between two men having sex and enjoying it.  And because the script doesn’t make it a big deal, neither does the audience.  It’s hot, but it’s not scandalous.  It simply happens, and the audience accepts that it happens.  That one scene opens the door to removing the stigma of gay sex, both in the media and in real life.  By not saying anything about the moment, the show is actually saying, “This is a sexual act between two men.  This is a thing two men can do together, and that is completely okay.  Now, moving on.”

That’s why I have a hard-on for the rimming scene.

  • htgawm pilot: poc main characters?
  • me: f yeah
  • htgaym pilot: gay sex:
  • me: fuck yeah
  • htgawm pilot: sexy grown-up Dean Thomas?
  • me: fucking hell yeah
  • htgawm pilot: only two straight white male characters?
  • htgawm pilot: Viola Mother Fucking Davis


How To Get Away With Murder: S01E01 “Pilot”

Finally. A gay slut and not a fairy in sight!

- How’d you get this?

It wasn’t exactly… legal…

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